Jeremian Greendalves is a minecraft player mercenary.


Early life

Jeremian was born in a village that survived mostly by fishing. Jeremian's father was a fisherman and his mother was a housewife. Jeremian would normally be either wandering in the woods or at home with his mother and his father when he came home from his fishing. When Jeremian was 10, his village was attacked by a tribe called the blood tribe led by bloodthirsty tribe leader Xon and everyone was slaughtered. Jeremian's parents were slaughtered by Xon.

Mercenary life

Jeremian became a mercenary at age 20, and used a pair of diamond swords as his weapons. Jeremian accepted payment in the form of gold or emeralds. Jeremian was a skilled mercenary and was anti social. Jeremian is nomadic and always drifted around.

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