Jackcrafter on his creeper hunting suit

Minecraft User



JC21, Creeper hunter


Killing creeper, Taming horses, Makes prank


White (not really, he is using white softlens)

Live at

somewhere in the overworld and the Bikini Bottom

Jackcrafter2210, or known as JC21, is a player that more often plays in the Overworld, and live at the Bikini Bottom.

About JC21

JC21 is more often playing creative mode, and playing survival mode when he get bored with the creative mode. Likes making pranks, JC21 always wearing a white softlens and acting just like a Herobrine itself. JC21 also likes to killing creeper than any other mob (example: skeletons, zombie, etc). So thats he always wearing a creeper skin on his back so the other people can indentificate him. Ironically, despite being like killing creepers, in single-player, he likes to turn the difficulty to peaceful mode. This is because he has so many villager guys, to prevent the creeper explode on the villager that also can wreck his Bikini Bottom.

Fave Mods

  • Spongebob Sp mod
  • (coming soon)

Fave Texture Packs

  • Bikini bottom texture pack
  • Etc

Skins by JC21

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