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basic info

Name: Howiewolf

Sex: female

Age: teenage (not saying real age)


Hello! My screename is howie and I am a minecrafter.  I currently play on the Xbox 360.

how I got into minecraft  

Minecraft came out in the 4th grade for me,  and if you asked me what I thought on minecraft in the fouth grade, I would have said it was stupid and didn't make any sense.  But in 5th grade, I got curious and started watching youtube videos about the game. Youtubers like Stampylonghead gave me a general idea of the vanilla game. Finally, I decided to download the free 30 min tutorial on the Xbox.  Even though the game was only 30 minutes and I couldn't save my world, I still became addicted to the game and I played the tutorial over and over.   I actually discovered that I was good at fighting the vanilla mobs and I constantly ventured into dark places to defeat mobs. Finally, I got the full game. My younger sister decided to buy the disk game for the family Xbox for all of us to play.  I created my world, and I went right to making a stone sword and fighting various mobs. Then the classic minecraft story continues.

my fursona

While playing the game, I started to develope a fursona, an animal who represented who I was in minecraft. I developed Howie, the female dire wolf who was good at fighting and had an army of wolves to fight with her.  Her arch enemy is, (like any minecrafter) Herobrine. 


. I am currently not doing any multiplayer at the moment

. My first death in minecraft involved a giant sky island that I built and my sister telling me to jump off. 

. My best building project is the front of my house, I spent a few days on it.

. My sister and I are building a hungergames map called Candycorn Landia

. Mooshrooms are the best

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