herobrine is the dead brother of Notch.

Notch didnt put Herobrine in minecraft Herobrine came alone!​ So when pepole saw him they
 was like who is that? when they came closer he just killd them then Herobrine sand to

Notch a messge in the messge dear brother maybe you dont know me but i know you and im ur brother 

look Stave going are bad CUZE is going to be the king! And you will be just loser player! 

So then Notch sand back a messge in the messge was 

                                                                                    Hi HeroBrine so what can we do to stop it!

then HeroBrine said to Notch just let me do the work.

and then Notch did

after a 5 five days herobrine was every thing player was realy scared from him then when Notch saw he tryid 

remove herobrine every one was happy but herobrine still in the game.

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