His name was hero all he could do was be a hero. He would save a burning village he did get rewarded he did not need the reward he only would say he didn't need it he took it any way. Then one day a 1000 mobs came he only grab his diamond sword then told his friends to run to the house and he would make it out alive. he hit all the skeletons first there was 100 of them. Then the zombie he fought them 1 left he hit it only a few more hits he said then a person grabbed him and took him to the nether portal he was forced to go in when he entered he saw 20,000 ghasts he got hit to many times that he only had one bit of health he needed food. Then he heard the person who took him a girl her eyes only white look like him only a girl and the white eyes he said your my mom just turned evil. she said yes join me or die. He did not want to say yes but he had a promise to his freinds he said yes. And he turned into herobrine

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