griefer (formerly), moderator

Weapon of choice:

'The griefer punisher'


METRO server


PvP, griefer identifying



Henos18 is a former griefer and is currently a

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moderator on the METRO server

life as a griefer

As a griefer, Henos18 was responsible for many griefs in at least 40 different servers, and killed 500 players and 100 moderators in each of the 40 servers. Henos18 was therefore wanted in those 40 servers and the moderators in the servers were instructed to bring Henos18 to the admins, where he would be banned, though Henos18 was always able to escape the moderaters one way or another. Henos18 was known to use TNT and lava for his griefs and he used an iron sword enchanted with unbreaking III to kill the players and moderators. Henos18's partner was Miles Tunic

Becoming a moderator

After many minecraft years of evading the moderators, Henos18 was captured by the METRO server moderators during a grief gone wrong, with Miles escaping, and was presented to the admins. The head admin, Simpleman376, gave Henos18 a choice, either face instant ban or become a moderator and in return, Henos18 would be pardoned of all the crimes he committed. Henos18 chose the latter, and was administered into the METRO server moderator academy, where he was trained by veteran moderator HarkerIron. Henos18 learnt how to remove griefers from a server when he killed them. Henos18 then graduated and became a moderator. Henos18 became a devoted moderator, and was considered the best moderator because he could use his knowledge as a former griefer to catch the griefers in the METRO server. He also became friends with a player called Coal.

The Jacktheripper101 case

2 years after becoming a moderator, a griefer suddenly appeared on the METRO server. Identifying him as Jacktheripper101, the most wanted griefer for griefing a lot of servers for the past 13 years. Henos18 was assigned to lead a manhunt for Jacktheripper101. Henos18 became determined to bring Jacktheripper101 to justice after Coal was killed by Jacktheripper101. Henos18 tried to take him down, but he gave up after Jacktheripper101 disappeared. 8 years later, however, Henos18 was able to confirm that Jacktheripper101 had resurfaced, and 5 years after Jacktheripper101 resurfaced, Henos18 and Jacktheripper101 confronted each other on a bridge above a lava pit and engaged in a sword fight, ending with Henos18 setting Jacktheripper101 on fire with 'the griefer punisher, finally avenging Coal.

A familiar face

At age 35, another griefer appeared in the METRO server called 'The Creeper' because he wore a creeper mask. 'The Creeper' then left a message saying 'Meet me at the place where you were captured'. After going there, Henos18 confronts 'The Creeper', who reveals himself to be Miles Tunic. Miles asks Henos18 to join him again, but Henos18 rejects him.

Moderator weapon

As a moderator, Henos18 uses 'the griefer punisher' to replace his old iron sword

'the griefer punisher'

'The griefer punisher' is a custom-made diamond sword Henos designed. It has unbreaking III, strength II and looting II.

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