The Halite Blade was an enchanted weapon used by the Great Necromancer. He used the weapon to almost conquer the world of Minecraftia, but when he was defeated and banished to the Nether, the weapon was smashed into pieces. Only two of the four blades was left intact, and it was sought after for many years. Finally, the young Templar Order discovered the blades at the dawn of their power, and since they were passed down the Cross family line along with the Excalibur.


Many years after Josef Furnace received the Excalibur, it was stolen by the Al Hashashin order. By the time it was retrieved, it was heavily damaged and smashed into pieces. Seeing taht the blade could no longer be used, he spent years collecting Halite fragments that remained from the destroyed Halite blade. Once all the pieces were found, they were combined with what was left with the Excalibur, making the ultimate weapon. It is used by Furnace today.

Powers and Description

The current Halite blade is sea green and has a golden core from the Excalibur. It takes the shape of a sabre, and is very fast and efficient in battle. It still retains the enchantment from the Great Necromancer (AKA Herobrine), including the ability to summon lightning strikes and control ocean waves. It also ignites any monsters that come in contact with it, due to the fragments from the Excalibur.

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