Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 13.12.42
Alias: Flashmaster
Weapon of Choice: Sword, Bow
Pets: Fluffy the Chicken

Other Info: Sky Army Recruit


Groudon012 is a Pvp'er in Minecraft. He specialises in sniping as well as being stealthy. He also often changes his skin, and when he started playing Minecraft, he used a completely black skin. He disapproves of getting a hacked client for Minecraft. He used to own a few factions but they all got pawned. His favourite server is "Minetime Survival", on which he is an admin.


He was born. He lived a normal life. Then he started doing PVP. He died. Then he respawned. He lived. The end.


  • "ARGH! Not again!"
  • "RRRRRR"

Factions Owned

  • What he likes
  • His favourite mob
  • His favourite game producer
  • Current Skin
  • "Lucario": Ended up getting greifed
  • "Cheese": lol
  • "TheCompany": Faction Moderator

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