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The Greeniehead in his natural habitat

Greeniehead is a player in the world of Minecraftia who is a little obsessed with the color green.  He is an insane green man who is very derpy and would do anything for emeralds.

The Background of Greeniehead

When Greeniehead was a noob in the world of Minecraftia, he was a pretty bad noob.  He didn't know much but became very experienced in very little time.  Although, he is not very good at redstoning but can figure out a few things if given enough time.  He is a master of alchemy and knows all recipes for all potions and will sell them for a very fair price.


Greeniehead has been sighted on servers such as The Noob Adventures Server as the alchemist for King Max, long ago on Stompzcraft before they banned him for no reason whatsoever, he has been sighted a few times on Childcraft and may be friends with the owner but this has not been confirmed, and once he was seen on xRpMx13's server but not for very long.

Known Aliases

Greeniehead has been known to be called Greeniefish when he is swimming in lava using his specially brewed fire resistance potions, Greenie is the most common, and he is occasionally known by his real name which is not known at this moment.

Known Friends

Greeniehead has been known to have made friends with many other players in the past such as Averageswallow42, Zuelatak(but have not spoken to each other in a long time), Biggerjohn, and one Meeblfallen.  He has also been seen occasionally working with or against an odd one known only as Saladalas.


This weird player has been known as a very good alchemist and will sell items for fair prices.  He will also buy emeralds at very good prices to the sellers.  He makes all potions with all different effects and is a dangerous one to fight if he has a diamond sword and a strength II potion.  Has been seen in PVP areas but then disappear, we suspect he uses his own brew of invisibility potions to mess with people because after he disappears people sometimes randomly get hit with swords and arrows.

About Him

Real Name: Unknown

Race: Dwarven Greenman

Skills: Punching trees, Alchemy, and a few abilities with redstone.

Favorite Item: Emerald Blocks

Favorite Color: Take a guess

Favorite Potion: Invisibility Extended

PVP Style: Attack, drink invisibility potion, hold nothing, run, fire arrows from safe distance.(in that order)

Favorite Food: POTATOS (yes we know that's spelled wrong but that is how he spells it so that's how it will be done)

Favorite Minecrafter: Honeydew

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