GabeWorld is a quiet server that holds up to 25 players at a time. It has many friendly players, and staff. GabeWorld has drop parties, a PVP arena, factions, trading, and many other features.
2013-05-06 16.45.45

GabeWorld's Spawn.



Co-Owner: KateTheGreat18

Admins: N/A (Soon to be added.)

Moderators: Rocket_93, gDragonW

GabeWorld's IP:

Server IP:

Note: This server is Not cracked, nor is it 24/7, it will be up whenever OMG_GABRIEL is online, if it is not connecting, please wait, although we do plan in the future to become 24/7.


WorldEdit, Factions, iConomy, Coreprotect, Monsterbox, Anti-Creepers, Essentials, etc.

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