A Minecraft player and server owner.  He is known as The SPIRIT OF FIRE on his server.  He changes his skin often, but his favorite is the Kit Fisto skin, designed by him but based on a Star Wars character.  His server is called Ravenclaw, but it is still under construction and currently only people on a whitelist can get on.  He enjoys multiplayer, and plays on as many servers as he can get the address of.  He discovered Minecraft through his friends, and then started a server.  He is trying to create a plugin.  His greatest Minecraft achievement is the scale statue of Wither Skeleton, viewable on his server. He also is inventing a new spawning machine/ grinder.  He lives in the U.S.A. He is also a mob hunter and a builder in Minecraft.  He prefers to live in an Extreme Hills biome near a Forest biome.  He makes skins of all kinds.

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