FeralG3 is a Minecraft player and Pvper who has been playing Minecraft for over a year.

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Note: FeralG3 is my Minecraft username Note 2: I've recently switched to a new minecraft player caller FeralG7


I prefer to play on survival. I have a lot of different worlds and I'm a member of different servers. I have played minigames such as capture the flag.


Note: This is fiction, not fact



Bow and diamond sword


CEO of RCP, mob hunter, assassin


avenge his family

FeralG3 was born in a family of chickens, the youngest of 4 siblings. He was close his siblings White, Wings, Beak and Chick. At a young age, FeralG3's family was slaughtered by a zombie griefer called Maxo. FeralG3 was then brought up in an orphanage. At age 22, FeralG3 mined up a lot of gold and emerald ingots and used them to start his own business and became the CEO of RCP (Roastly Cooked Pork, a parody of KFC). FeralG3 also became a mob hunter and assassin.

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