Duker (Also known as Duke or Dukah)


Duke's Beach House (Deleted), Duke's Mushroom House, Raider's Base (Destroyed), And Various other caves, canyons, and houses that I've lived in.

Known For

Protecting Dukerownsyou1 at all costs.


Body Guard, Friend and Companion


Doors, Water, Creepers, And Fire


Raiders, Peace Keepers, Dukerownsyou1


Claws, Teeth


Growling, Running



The Beginning

It all started in 1.7 When I tamed my first wolf. I hadn't had much interest in taming wolfs, Even though I started playing around 1.3 - 1.4. I ended up finding 4 more wolfs in the forest. Luckily I had a lot of bones. Soon after that I finished my beach house. Then I found some clay and made a pet store. (Don't ask why) I put 3 dogs in there and 2 in my house. I even started a dye collection, And I got some records. Then, Well things went bad...

A Firery Disaster

Well, I had just gotten enough Obsidian to make a portal and I was planning on going to the nether. But being the Minecraft noob I amI put the portal right next to my beach house, Like right next to it. If you didn't know my beach house was made out of wood, so When I accidently lit it on fire everything went up in flames... Luckily I hadn't really started the process of moving my stuff in from my cave, So I only lost a bunch of dyes. Both dogs were incinerated, Or you could say cremated...

More Coming