Hello, I'm Dude10190. I create skins, make videos (don't have a YouTube lol), and host the Herobrine Fan Club .

I will tell you about individual things

Minecraft Business

The things I do in Minecraft are quite simple. Create skins, make maps, play servers, make videos. I don't really make videos about Minecraft, but when I get YouTube, I will post pretty often.


Of course, in the future, I will do other things. I will make a server, start modding, and become famous slowly over time. However, I need to be focused on Minecraft to do those things. Because I can't be doing a TSA project at the same time as a Minecraft video.


I don't usually play on servers. But when I do, I always choose my LAN server because there's too many advanced servers that are very popular.

I should say that a server called McGlowstone, which shut down a year ago, was my very favorite. It didn't have the usual "fancy" atmosphere, the spawn looked nice, but it wasn't 50 miles long, and the players had a good humor.

I'm also planning on hosting a server near the end of the summer of 2014.


I haven't been making skins that often. I usually keeps them secret. I'm good with choosing good colors and features for the skin, but I'm not a big fan with shading. This is Minecraft, not SuperRealisticCraft.

I hate skins that look stupid and unfinished. Stupid ones, I would say, would be a reworked Steve or a teenage girl. Unfinished would be... well... I can't describe it.


Herobrine Fan Club

Planet Minecraft

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