DoppelX is a resident of Minecraftia, with expertise in both the fields of magic and science and little to no battle skill. 


DoppelX had traveled all over the lands of Minecraftia, gaining knowledge from his experiences and developing machines that would help him in his endeavors. Over time he gained many cohorts that joined him in his travels, such as the brave pirate Squidnut and the mighty warrior JamezMF. They can typically be found transversing the lands in search of riches and anything that may be of some use them.


DoppelX can typically be seen wearing his "trendy" red-tinted visor, which provides him with a specialized HUD for everyday exploring and a "cloaking device" that allows him to disguise when in trouble. He also has a pair of specialized goggles that allow him to see things others cannot, but he tends not to wear them because he believes they are not "cool enough" for everyday use.


DoppelX is a Caucasian man with brown hair and a slowly-growing beard. He typically wears his "styling" lab coat and red visor, but can also be seen disguised as other players.

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