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Yedikule (formerly)
Hermit's Grove (formerly)
Unknown Moroccan City (formerly)
Skyfort Leon(formerly)
Desert's Edge (formerly)
Malia (formerly)
Sky City



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Diamond Axe




Mega Vega Mining Co.


Dcomando15, an old adventurer, who bears many disguises, was born in unknown lands in the north, a land of everlasting winter. He soon travelled to a great plain, and found an ancient city called Yedikule. There, the lord of the land, tbohus, and his two advisors, rex1070 and jenright18, welcomed him to their fair city. There, he built a famous bar called Danny's Place. It served as a local inn, and a town meeting hall. After finishing construction, he and another citizen, Tama63, built the Yedikule Railway. Long before it was finished, however, a mighty fire burned the city, and it was abandoned.

Soon after abandoning it, the remaining citizens of Yedikule travelled many leagues before founding a small city under the shadow of three great mountains. Dcomando15 went into a solemn state, and travelled into the wilderness a few miles away, where he lived in peace. He abandoned his solemn home after many years, and travelled a great many leagues across the water, before a pirate known as Preference sunk his ship, and jailed him. He broke out, and was invited into the ranks of Preference's pirates for his cunning. As soon as he was set off, he ran to a nearby city governed by a Moroccan, and built a house in the hillside. After an argument with a city official, he wired TNT across the city, and set it to blow. He picked up a companion, Dirty_Mallace, and blew the city, then ran to a band of raiders. The two of them built a home, and survived there for many years, before travelling to Mistral City.

This was several years before the adventurers Honeydew and Xephos visited the city, even before Skylord_Jasper was a skylord. The duo split up, with Dirty_Mallace staying in Mistral City. Whilst in the gleaming city, dcomando15 made a friend, leonasta. They travelled many leagues to find the ancient dwarven city of Stoneholm, but could not. They, instead, took over an abandoned mansion and formed a guild, the Warriors. The mansion was destroyed later, and they moved to Skyfort Leon, a few miles from where the Yogcave would be built. The skyfort, too, was destroyed, and so dcomando15 gathered his companions, and travelled to his old home, to find it in a damaged state. He founded the city of Malia, which was abandoned after the pirate Preference struck vengeance.

With furious anger, his companions and he built Sky City, an enormous, stone city levitating in the sky. That is where he resides today.


The player currently walks around dressed as the Mouth of Sauron.


  • Miners' Union
  • UberCraft
  • Convicted