I'm danielz007dude i'm a member of a youtube acount and have been playing with Bajan Canadian in a MCSG server to find out my schedule to play MCSG servers are 5:00.

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My Skin

I must addmit i am not a professional but i have a minecraft server the ip address is The things i do are very creative sometimes.


The World of Minecraft

Sometimes in minecraft I like to go on adventures and make structures that are made of quartz. I make structures of quartz because I like to make the look like roman buildings.The following will lead you to the minecraft wiki the ruins of minecraftia that I created with a wiki contrubruter.I am not very good at PvP but i have earned 125 points at one moment on the MCSG servers what im really good at is creating structures and regular 

Quartz a

Its Awesome

survival.I also play on mineplex and the avicus network ( I am a active user of castaway islands (, and the nexus as well as mineslam (

This are things you can post like people to tell me stuff also email me about things at thxs.

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My favorite game producer

Quartz Ore

My favorite ore after diamond

I would like to add that I am a active user of wikia and if anyone wants to add other things then say at my user talk page thxs (Minecraftuserpg555).


Pigs can fly?

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My Favorite

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