Img goldknight

Faction Leader:

The Reapers

Redstone Expert


Fell out of the sky


Golden Knight (See Picture)

Explosives Expert


DAVESDAVY apparently fell out of the sky, we have no idea why. He came equipped with golden armor and a diamond sword on his back. We have no clue if he fell from Heaven or just slipped off a block while he was pillaring. After the success of The Reapers he later found out the art of cloning. He began cloning Creepers then started cloning Enderdragons. The ability to clone makes him a powerful enemy to deal with. Almost every day he can be seen building up his army (Creepers, Iron Golems, Clay Soldiers, etc.) and building new structures and vehicles for their use.


Imperial Star Destroyer

This was built by me, the world is Vector City.

Factual History

Later after this he created the faction Japan, later to be destroyed by Preference. After this incident he rebuilt Japan then proceeded to destroy the Warriors base, he succeeded, but was destroyed in response. Finally he created his current faction called, The Reapers. This was successful, as had a huge base with a fully functional mob spawner.