Preferred Weapon:

Bow with infinity I

Favorite Food:

Steak with marinara sauce :P

Type of armor:

None, uses stealth and color to sub do his enemies


Assassin for the MAOBAS (Minecraft Association for Bows and Swords


1 Cat named Slinky and a dog named wolfgang

First Appearance:

Minecraft Beta 1.2_02


Creeperandiknow is a pvper that plays capture the flag A LOT. He prefers a bow over a sword and his highest killstreak count is 25, he doesn't like to play hunger games all that much. Although he may seem dubious to creative mode this player has 9 stacks of legit redstone, 5 diamonds, 40 gold (maybe butter whatever) 3 stacks of iron and 5 stacks of coal. This player prefers survival over creative because it gives him a sense of adventure and feeling. This player loves to play on easy or normal (mostly normal or hard) so he can have a sense of ninja and assassin. This player likes to spawn 4,000 zombies on hard mode and shoot them all with a bow with NO armor in a super flatworld. This user LOVES to hug creepers. 


History of career: CTTF: As of The Month of May (NOTE: Creeperandiknow has played many other matches but these are the only two as of May 2013.)


Team: Blue  vs Team Red

Creeper's Team is Blue

Creepers Kills: 23 Deaths: 5

Red Kills Totaled: 526

Blue kills Totaled: 652 


Team: RED VS. BLUE (this will always be)

Creepers Team: Red

Creepers Kills: 11 Deaths 2 

Red Kills Totaled: 231

Blue Kills Totaled 124


Creeperandiknow or Creeper Jr. for short was born in Teirm, of the year Beta 1.2_01. He was the only human out of his creeper family. He has no brothers or sisters since King Jasper XVI had rein over the land, Creepers parents and brothers and sisters were killed by King Jasper because of treason, for giving away his secret vault of no one knows what. And so, Creeper jr. decided to hunt down King Jasper for his actions. Even though King Jasper had an army and ships with cannons to get across the Sea of Vastness he knew that Creeper Jr. would catch up to him. Why? He knew that Creeper Jr. had taken part in the MAOBAS (Minecraftia's Association Of Bows and Swords) which is an asassination group that sides itself with allies that are against the Empire of King Jasper XVI. King Jasper did not know what weapons he had mastered over at the training academy but he knew he was very skilled with a bow. So as King Jasper set sail for a forgotten island that nobody in minecraftia had ever heard of, Creeper Jr. thought of a way to hide on his boat so that he could use a sneak attack to kill the king. The king however was not a favorite of his subjects so pirates usually tried to rob him of his ships treasury which held overwhelming numbers of minecraftia's finest valuables. King Jasper made a note of this and told his sea captain who in turn told his men to be on guard and to be ready for anything

Feel free to edit what happens next!

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