Iron Ace/Creep8


Moderator (formerly), griefer


diamond sword, TNT

Creep8 was once a moderator called Iron Ace, but after 4 corrupt moderatos betrayed him, he becames Creep8


As Iron Ace

As Iron Ace, Iron Ace was a dedicated moderator and was not afraid of testifying against corrupt moderators. Iron Ace was dedicated to the rules and was well respected. One day, while on an assignment with corrupt moderators Birdie, Mace44, Woodon and IronMan88, the 4 moderators betrayed him and beat him to near death. Ironman88 then spawned in creepers and left Iron Ace to die. The 4 then claimed he was killed by attacking creepers.

Becoming Creep8

Iron survived, however, and after intensive gene therapy to resemble a creeper and renamed himself Creep8 and when he found out they got away with his betrayal, he vowed revenge on the 4 moderators.


After 6 years of planning, Creep8 then proceeded to exact his revenge. Creep8 first target was Birdie by rigging his house with TNT, which Birdie set of after he stepped on a pressure plate. Mace44 was the second target and Creep8 ambushed and killed Mace44 with his diamond sword.


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