CosmicMuffin736 is a Minecraft YouTuber and Clan Fighter. He was in long range of clans and has a large array of different YouTube channels. His skin varied from many different skins.



Coke was the first clan Cosmic was in. He worked along side Nayiby15, Jmz09, StandByWarShark, XxTigoon39xX, and ICroatia4Life. This was his first time in a clan and he was very stressed about it. Coke was in various different clan battles. At the time him and AshKlan weren't friends but they hated each other. Coke and the Manhunters (Ash's clan group)fought many times. Even destroying the Central Bank of Minecraftia. Forcing him to leave Coke.


After leaving Coke for almost two years, Cosmic formed a new clan titled 117. 117 contained ReplacedLemon0, AntiSkullCam, EpiclyJaica, and FreedomAdam. At this time he signed a peace treaty with the Manhunters and they went their separate ways. During this time was when Coke recruited new people and he left 117 to run from his past clan.


Cosmic's current clan. It contains AshKlan, Latin Knight, Sleepygamer53, QueenVendetta, Nayiby15, Jmz09, StandByWarShark, XxTigoon39xX, ICroatia4Life, ReplacedLemon0, AntiSkullCam, EpiclyJaica, FreedomAdam, Tsunamic Flower, and Herobrine V182. Old friends and new friends join LiveStorm. They are currently fighting the New Era of Coke and 117.

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