One of Clover's other Personalities. This is Smile Guy.

Cloverfield135 is a Minecraft player who is a builder. He loves to build homes and random structures to make his town bigger. He currently lives in a huge mountain that has been carved out. He lives with most of his friends in that home. He used to work on a freight Airship as the Captain. He retired when he almost crashed it into the side of Mt. Crafter. Clover has many different personalities. He was originally seen as a Cyborg creeper, but then shifted over into Smile Guy. Smile Guy was a happy man who disappeared after his Captain of the ship he was on, almost crashed it into a mountain. They could have been the same person.


Smile Guy is mostly black, not to be racist, with red markings on his body. The brightest part of his skin is his eyes and teeth. He has super white teeth and half white eyes. The other half is red. 

Clover's current skin shows his armor and his shoulder pads. Under his armor is his red sweater and black pants with green bands across them. Across his chest he has a band that holds up a diamond sword on his back. He has blue eyes and brown hair with wings on the side of his head. 


he has been seen on:


and others...


This is Cloverfield135's current skin. He is a retired captain of an Airship.

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