CattleMc; a skilled Pvper has been on Minecraft Since 2011, joining most Soup servers in his Pvp fiesta on December 20th, 2012.


During 2014 rumors spread of a new server like Badlion called Kohi, CattleMc at the time increasing his concentration on Pvp attached a fondness for the server which was still developing.

After the course of 2 months alto of ranks were tallied and CattleMc was grafted into the best Pvper's section; CattleMc already indulged with his position went on a killing spree which was recorded by him and another player named JoeJoeFish whom had seen CattleMc being praised with a God rank on a server once named QubedPvp in 2012, not al of people know CattleMc but the vast majority of a large server known as OCGA.ME which even had PerpetualJordan play on and record on his channel daily.

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