This is the category page for minecraft servers. Please read all server page rules before creating a server page.

Server Page Guidelines

Server Pages Cannot Include:

  1. Biased views of the server.
  1. Instructions about the server that are not otherwise expressed by server Owners/Co-Owners
  1. Advertisements of that server or another server.
  2. A Whitelist/Moderator application thread
  3. Donation Requests
  4. Player Requests
  5. Any Personal Skype/Contact information
  6. Any cracked servers.

Server Pages may include:

  1. Basic Information on the Server
  2. Server Specs (ram, server host etc)
  3. A Moderator/Administrator list
  4. A server logo
  5. A link to the servers site or forums
  6. A plugin list
  7. Information about the type of server
  8. A Plugin/Mod list

All server guidelines will be moderated by me, Edgar Wildrat and other Administrators.


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