CMHammond was born on the 3rd of August 2012, in the world of 1.3.1.
CMHammond 3D

A 3D model of his skin.

On his first few days he didn't do much, he chopped down only a few trees and mined very little stone. But as time progressed and the sun had set, he got the hang of things and began exploring the wonderful world around him. At night he hid underground, safe from the evil that lurked above. He would only come up for food and only when he had run out. He was never lazy, he made sure to grab more than a stack of logs and never wasted a pickaxe. He had heard of this amazing world from one of his friends, who loved this place too, a few months later he began his life and embarked on an extraordinary journey.

His first base was underground, a place with easy access to cobblestone and ores. It took a while, but eventually he had mined his first diamond. At this time redstone was still a strange red ore, rarer than iron, that took ages to mine with an ordinary stone pickaxe, never dropping a single item.

He never spent much time alone though, he explored other worlds too, inhabited by lots of people he had never met before. He marvelled at the amazing creations these players had made, from castles and arenas to skyships and cities! But the world of Minecraft wasn't a paradise, there were players greedy and stupid. People like this would find a way to his base and destroy everything and take his hard earned resources, he didn't like that. Outside of the spawn area wasn't somewhere you wanted to live, there were stray items, exploded houses everywhere and people getting murdered all around you.

When he was alone, things were different, you couldn't just say /home and be teleported home, you would have to walk. Anything you wanted, you would have to find and mine, instead of buying things in a shop.

It had been nearly 3 months before CMHammond had started to use redstone, by then a new, mysterious block had been added, only available to the gods who had access to all blocks and items that could be found in the game and could fly around the world and avoid attacks from the monsters below.
Wireless Redstone

Back before the /scoreboard feature, wireless redstone was only available through this glitch. It worked by updating the block via shooting an arrow or looking at a glass pane or iron bars. When you did this the glass pane/iron bars under the boat would change in size and the boat would fall and activate a pressure plate.

He started with simple contraptions like opening doors and turning on lights. At this time wireless redstone was just a glitch, that only worked in a short radius and involved boats, pistons and an arrow. Soon he was creating all sorts of traps and piston doors, redstone became a real hobby.


CMHammond is the owner of the faction ILLUSION, a faction known on many servers. The description is always: "We are figments of your imagination, your mind playing tricks on you.Facebook page

He also owns a server called ChronoCraft, the server is currently still under construction and is not available to the public.


After an about a year CMHammond's appearance changed, he began to wear more clothes. He started off with a bare chest, then with a tuxedo, then a santa suit and at last his current skin.


He currently exists in the PC version,Xbox Edition, iOS Pocket Edition and Android Pocket Edition.

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