C-Ocelot is a friendly young girl.
Real Name: Zoey Genetic-chain
Nope: Enemies, Ambieneince, trolls
Weapon of choice: Fists
Spawned? Random LAN Servers, Famcraft, Jupitercraft, Prospercraft
Known For: Being an unstable young lady, Being an artist, having genetic disorder


Zoey, (also known as CO) is a young player who is horrible at PvP, hates ambieneince and "ragers" (trolls).


She previously looked like steve, but she changed her skin to a girl dressed up like Glaceon, one of the animals from Pokémon.


She is a very strange person, as having many different personalites. Most of the time she is funny and weird, but she will act a lot different at times.

Steel Anger Lady

COcelot is very angry, having rage issues due to genetic disorder, making her have many very different genetics.

Mrs. WeirdoFun

COcelot is very funny, but will change personalities due to genetic disorder, making her have many very different genetics.

Sad Hearted Woman

COcelot is very sad, but will get happier or worse (Angry) due to genetic disorder, making her have very different genetics.

Happy Little Girl

COcelot is very happy, but will get angry, sad, or neutral due to genetic disorder, making her have very different genetics.


COcelot is neutral for a long time, but will change to angry, sad, funny, or happy due to a genetic disorder.


Non-family friendly servers.

Scary sounds.


People who rage her.


Happy/sarcastic Quotes:

Im gonna have 1000000000000% fun! Wait, what?

Sad/ mad/ambarassed quotes:

Sigh.* I never knew i was bad.

Im not bad. T_T

Uhhh...AKWARD. O_o

Ok fine.O_O




Don't annoy me when Im  AFK!

COcelot Mod

She is an unused mod, the mod spawns her in a new world, she will appear somewhere. If you right click her with no fish in your hand( Fish tames her), she will talk to you. If you tame her and right click her, she says, "what do you want now, (player name)?" There are choice bars to say to her. They are:

  • I want you to stay here, Zoey.
  • Me??? HA HA HA HA HA HA! I don't want anything, ya ding dong!!!
  • I want to chat with you.
  • Sit up and follow me please.

If you say the third one, she says" Oh we should. I'm really bored right now."

If you say the second one, she says, "HUH!!!??? I'M NOT A DING DONG!!!!!!!!!!!

If you say the fourth one, she says,"Okay. I just gotta get my pickaxe or whatever."

If you say the first one, she says, "Okay. I know the thing you're doing is dangerous so I will stay here.


She is very known for joining random friendly servers.

She is a single player and server mod; she is unused though. If you try to download the mod, and spawn her in your world, Minecraft will crash and render the map UNUSABLE FOREVER.

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