"i'm am always here to serve you in any needs possible master. Brewster T Koopa known also as Brewster_t_koopa is a minecraft character with the body of a robot he always points his character as a robot with a purpose to serve his master depending on his actions as if was a mob he claims his body is made out of a ninorium metal which is obviously an alien metal claiming he is not of earth he works as a builder and mob tag game shop owner in southern cross gaming's server he follows orders of player rowdy_the_crux when he is active in the server he is close friends with rowdy and will protect him he is not only the servant of a player but also is the advisor and protector of him/her he is known also for building mansions and cave cities until 1.7.2 he never played minecraft unmodded even though he is a protector he is afraid of endermen due to messing with his magnetic chips in his motherboard so he never fights them  his actions involve

entity scanning

player scanning




enemy scanning.

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