Blood Zelos is a Minecraft Youtuber who mostly focuses around builds. Some of his friends include DulJuice, TofuuGaming, Pokediger, DataWood, and Kricken. HIs first name is Alek and plays soccer.

File:Zelos BG T1.png


Blood Zelos has had many different sereies, including some SMPs.

  • Surge SMP
  • Survival Games
  • Timed Building Challenges
  • Building Tips
  • VimCraft SMP


Blood Zelos was orginally invited to Cube UHC Season 1 and 2, but missed both because of soccer. He was going to be invited again in season 3, but most figured he wouldn't show.

Blood Zelos doesnt upload daily because he isn't really part of a group.

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