• Coolcrep456


    July 31, 2015 by Coolcrep456



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  • Coolcrep456


    July 31, 2015 by Coolcrep456
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  • Coolcrep456


    July 30, 2015 by Coolcrep456

    Follow me

    He has a mum called herobrine

    Coolcrep456 (talk) 07:35, July 31, 2015 (UTC)herobrine is comingCoolcrep456 (talk) 07:35, July 31, 2015 (UTC)

    Please comment me if you have any questions?


    Coolcrep456 (talk) 07:35, July 31, 2015 (UTC)love coolcrepCoolcrep456 (talk) 07:35, July 31, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Sparkda23


    December 29, 2014 by Sparkda23

    I am so glad to be here.I am planning on starting a youtube channel and making many friends over the game. Ill see you all there!!!!

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  • Ambz Mayxx

    26/07/14- First blog

    July 26, 2014 by Ambz Mayxx

    Dear readers,

    This is my first blog on here. I joined today at precisely 17:34 and 23 seconds.

    Haha just joking,

    Hi guys,

    My name is Ambz and I do all the blogs around here. I am in a goth group and I hope you will all enjoy our page.


    Please do not post any rude or (supposidly) offensive messages on our wall. We advise no swearing and kind replies. Thank you.

    Now to start. Today was great! We all went to a campside to visit our friends and we went in the park and pub and then we went to the cafe. When I got home I went to see my friend and ended up building a den with my toddler cousin. She is so cute. She doesn't understand why I am nevber wearing pink shorts or yellow t-shirts like she does. She is very funny.

    Anyway, after that, I went ho…

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  • FeralG5


    July 25, 2014 by FeralG5

    How is everyone?

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  • Squirto19

    1.8 excitement

    July 5, 2014 by Squirto19

    Since I already know Mojang is going to successfully kill me from the excitement I have for 1.8, I wanted to hear what you guys thought of it, and what you like most of what's coming in 1.8 SO COMMENT :3

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  • Sharple

    Newsletter Issue 1

    June 18, 2014 by Sharple

    Hello wikians! This is my first newsletter, I apologized if it's too short or it's too uninteresting.

    The wiki was born in 2011, however, there wasn't a lot of activity, nearly all of the administrator has either vanished or quit Wikia entirely. Since the whole administration has disappeared that just leaves me to handle the wiki. My goals for this wiki is to get a total of at least 20 active editors, and have at least another 4 more administrators when we reach enough active editors. There will be a lot more changes coming in the near future, some will be great, some will change the rules, and some will help you out.

    My main objective at the moment is to create a friendly environment so everyone can have a good time, and not to worry about anyt…

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  • Haras

    Possible Reboot?

    June 14, 2014 by Haras

    This wiki has lacking in any type of active adminstration, and I seriously think we could also get this place going again. If we could possibly adopt this wiki, I think it would work out. I hate coming on here to see a practically dead wiki (besides the occasional edits from everyone from the PPW.) 

    --Straw Hat

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  • Mattmatts


    November 10, 2013 by Mattmatts

    Hello guys! Welcome to my account the "Minecraft players wiki"! I am the one who created: "Time travel" and "Space parkour" etc. Go check out my maps at

    Anyways, this is where I choose my minecraft CHOSEN PLAYERS so be sure to go and make a page now! :D

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  • Minecraftuserpg555
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  • VenomRealmCreepyPastas

    quick blog post

    September 29, 2013 by VenomRealmCreepyPastas

    look at my youtube channel:

    second channel:

    music channel:

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  • Invadervax


    July 7, 2013 by Invadervax




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  • Latias1290

    Computer Mod Idea

    May 27, 2013 by Latias1290

    Like it says, this mod adds computers ^^

    There are serveral items that are added to the game(all crafting recipes listed below).

    • Silicon dust
    • PCB
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • CD
    • CD Drive
    • Router
    • IR Transciever
    • Monitor

    Silicon dust is found between the layers 1 and 25. It has a rarity between Iron and Gold.

    A PCB is crafted using Silicon Dust and Redstone Dust.

    # = Redstone Dust, @ = Silicon Dust

    #@# @#@


    The Computer is crafted using Silicon Dust, Iron Ingots, PCBs and Redstone Dust:

    # = Redstone Dust, @ = Silicon Dust, $ = PCB, % = Iron Ingot




    Printer has as purpose to take and print books, when commanded by a Computer(commands listed below):

    1. = Redstone Dust, $ PCB, % Iron ore, & = Inc Sac

    $    $



    CDs are crafted by placing 3 Iron Ingots like this:

    % = Iron …

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  • Latias1290


    May 5, 2013 by Latias1290

    Anyone here who plays Minicraft? :D

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  • Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)

    Hello all! Im here today to bring the following forward: My asking price for the entire vast area of the Caribbean Republic. It will be completely sold off with everything in it. I have no desire to continue to lead the oldest standing organization anymore. It crumbles and is dying. I will not make it suffe rno more and will sell it to someone. The following is in CR Boundaries:

    • ~Cuba
    • -Havana Farms • A farm with wheat, sugar cane, potato, carrot, and pumpkin plots.
    • -Unused land

    -A Small Church

    • -An Apartment Complex • has 6 Apartments, 1 of which is in use and sold.
    • -Republic Co. Factory • Has Crafting tables and Furnaces with coal, and an underground storage area to store the produced goods. Unfinished, however ha spotential. Underground storage…

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  • Parax.


    February 14, 2013 by Parax.

    This is the castlemansion that I have been working on since December. It is still under construction.

    File:Screen_shot_2013-02-14_at_12.40.42_PM.png|A view of the castlemansion. File:Screen_shot_2013-02-14_at_12.41.29_PM.png|A view of the guest rooms and pathway behind it. File:Screen_shot_2013-02-14_at_12.41.52_PM.png|The guest rooms, which the villagers are obsessed with. File:Screen_shot_2013-02-14_at_12.42.28_PM.png|Inside the castlemansion, view from the entrance. File:Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.42.46 PM.png|One of the hallways; this is the pathway on the left after entering. File:Screen_shot_2013-02-14_at_12.43.06_PM.png|Viewing the hallway on the right via the window. File:Screen_shot_2013-02-14_at_12.43.20_PM.png|After taking one…

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  • Direwolves

    So yes, if you gone on the server you have probably heard about the train system I am doing.I am sitll working out the stuff like where to put everything and what should go where.Here is the lsit of stuff that will be going to from RockAndDirt station:

    • HNYs house (needs station, wood, redstone torches, path, track, and minecart)
    • Concoa station (needs redstone torches)
    • to Joses house (needs wood, station, track, redstone torches, path, and minecart)
    • to RockAndDirt outpost and forst (needs wood, station, track, redstone torches, path, and minecart)

    Any places you want to see appear please tell me in the comments.We do not have a central station yet so if you can find a spot for a central station i will pay you $1000 on the server.The area thouh h…

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  • David Dooda

    Wikia Texture Pack

    November 17, 2012 by David Dooda

    Many people use and/or make custom texture packs based on things they like or commonly do. So, I decided to make a Wikia texture pack! It will have players on the Wikia as mobs, and also different looks. Basically, everything will be custom. If you'd like to be a part of teh texture pack, for example, you want your face in a frame or something, then please leave a comment below.

    josefurnace - Enderman

    StpehenPOTCO - Villager

    AlReyesSpark - Zombie

    Rocket_93 - Skeleton

    99th Slayer - Zombie Pigman

    Skull53 - Frame

    The download is currently unavailable, check back later!

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  • Locky'12

    Just kidding.

    Let's play Minecraft online.


    Let's begin the test!

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  • DanGames


    October 7, 2012 by DanGames

    Okay, guys, what's up!

    I'm sorry I've been sooooo inactive! School is difficult, and stuff. Yeah, I've been active on other wikis, but's that's gonna change! I'll be checking this at least once a day, every day!

    Pinky swear!

    --DanGames (talk)

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  • David Dooda

    So, I was looking for mods the other day when I stumbled upon a certain cape mod that looked cool. I then found that you can make your own capes. I saw that they can be seen by otehr users, and so, I got an idea. Many people on this Wiki seem to like mods, so I was wondering, what if people on the Wiki installed the cape mod, and we all shared a custom cape that showed we were each a part of this Wiki? Now, not everyone has to install it, but I just thought this would be a good idea, considering so many people are on this WIki, and this could be a cool way to identify each other in-game. I know I'm not great at desiginig, so I had a suggestion; if anyone wants to step up and make a cool cape, be my guest, but if not, I'll make it. If peopl…

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  • David Dooda

    Snapshot 12w36a is out!

    September 6, 2012 by David Dooda
    • Improved Superflat world generation
      • You can now select the height and material superflat worlds are made of
      • Screenshots
      • You can select which layer is how high and consists of which material
      • So far, no GUI is available - You can edit the level.dat file, as mentioned here - Example in this video
    • Added Wither Boss painting - via
    • Skeletons now spawn in the Nether
    • Added "Nether Star" Item
      • Drops when killing a Wither
      • Used to craft the Beacon block
      • Glows like an enchanted item
      • Screenshot
    • Added a new mob variant in the Nether
      • "Wither Skeletons"
      • Screenshot
      • Carry and rarely drop Stone swords when killed by players
      • Drop bones and coal
      • Give players "Wither" effect when hitting them - via
    • Improved the Wither
      • Is summoned by arranging a few mob heads in a certain way
      • Place …
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  • Direwolves

    Server gone crazy

    August 24, 2012 by Direwolves

    I know half of you guys may hate me but who cares right now, you got to read this article about a Minecraft server that PC Gamer.

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  • David Dooda


    It's simple. I like making skins, people like new skins, you're all the people, so I make your new skins.

    Also, if you post you want me to edit a skin, put it on my message wall telling me you how you want me to change it and I'll do my best to do so.

    Requests are taken down below (or on my message wall if they are to be edited, not created).

    I do shading on skins, and I try to be as detailed as can be, but please don't hate me, I'm not perfect.

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  • Marck swordstalker1

    Creepers page, post stuff about creepers here.

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  • Sharple


    June 30, 2012 by Sharple

    Lately I've been working really hard in real life to save up some money to get a minecraft server. So far I've done excellent and now I have my very own server! I won't be selfish here, so I will make it the Official Minecraft Players Wiki server! :).

    Slots - 24

    This Server will be called BrixCraft named after a clan on Brick-Force :) Strike that it'll called "Olex Craft" for now on. The server will focus on mostly PVE and may or may not have a PvP arena.

    The admins here on Minecraft Players Wiki will have a choice to become an admin but further more they have to agree to all the rules and enforce all the rules.

    • Mega2098

    • Genlawrence

    1. Please keep swearing to a minimum.
    2. No Griefing.
    3. No Flaming or Raging.
    4. No hacking oh any sorts.
    5. No spamming.
    6. Plant a sapli…

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  • Marck swordstalker1

    One day while mining i found this amount of stuff:

    I've never seen that amount of minerals together and i was really happy about it tho on my way back a creeper came out, exploded and killed me i got about 2/3 of the stuff back the other disappeared it was still an awesome amount of stuff tho! :D

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  • Sharple

    In this snapshot is one of the very best yet to come in 1.3 Here's what Mojang has added in this snapshot:

    • New Gravel texture
    • Added Ender Chest
    • Added Pyramids
    • Added Trading items with villagers
    • Added Sandstone chairs
    • Added a currency item (Which is "Emeralds")
    • Added another version of the Golden Apple

    So far I haven't really figured any bugs expect some of them. If you can find any comment on this blog!

    • Emerald Ore is red
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  • Miner260349

    Ok everyone, today I was building the inn on my new server.... and I look over and see Notch right there! I was so excited! I walk over there and he starts saying " Hey Brother! I dont want you on my game! ". I started having a conversation with him then I realize that Notch is celebrating the holiday in Sweden! I knew it was Herobrine cause I could not kill Notch and like hundreads of chickens spawned. Then there is a bedrock wall around me but I break it since Im in creative, then I use the command " Kill All" and then it says " Herobrine has left the game". Im sure hes not gone yet..... Please help me find Herobrine on my server! I actually wanna know who wants to be the first one to catch him....

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  • DanGames

    I have a question for the community. We have user groups as a category, which I assume is for clans and such. There are soon to be clans springing up, as there always are. I was wondering though... griefing clans?

    A griefing clan is a team of players (ie. iCanHasGrief & TeamAvolition) that join random servers and professionally grief them. They obviously do not get the best reception from other players, but more than often they are praised for their comical actions. I myself have been a member of a griefing team consisting of two others, and I can tell you, you have a lot of fun.

    Sometimes griefing clan sites get more... ferocious visitors than other Minecraft sites. I would ask that we allow pages for griefing clans, but add disclaime…

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  • DanGames

    Username Change

    May 19, 2012 by DanGames

    I am changing my username. I may be inactive for the time being.

    --Sir Atronach 17:56, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Miner260349

    New Server!

    May 17, 2012 by Miner260349

    Hey Everyone! Im starting with my first bukkit server. And if you help me out with the building and get me some cool plugins.... you can be an op! Now I know you are like " Why join this guys server"?. I decided to create one since most of the servers on this wiki are white-listed. This server is free to join. Please do remember that there is no griefing or pvp yet since the server is not fully developed. Put your name in the comments if you wanna join!

    Have fun! Remember that the first 3 people to join will become admins.

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  • Sharple

    Minecraft is finally gonna be available on Xbox! costing only 1,600 Microsoft points!

    Who's going to get a xbox?

    Who's going to get the game :P

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  • Batorhos

    It is recommended you check this blog often for announcements, as well as changes to the rules and the terms.

    Hi everybody, glad to let you know that I'm ready to open white-list applications to my server! It can currently hold 20 people, but it can handle much more with the amount of Random Access Memory it has, and can be added more slots. So, just take your time and fill this form out in the comments below and I wll consider your applications, then get back to you as soon as possible. I'm filling it out for myself so you guys get what to put. I pay for this server monthly, and it has 99.5% uptime, guarenteed.

    Please note that this is a third-party hosted server by McProHosting.Com, and is in no way affliated with Wikia, or Wikia's affliates.


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  • Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)

    Hello there! I am Albert! I have been playingnMC for at least a month now and would like to join the MC Community and see what ideas and other things you guys do on MC and at the same time share my ideas with you as I have with the Capitol Beaches page. I hope to see more from here!

    Emperor Albert Spark I Of Romania

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  • Sharple

    Stronghold Found!

    May 6, 2012 by Sharple

    Hello Minecrafters I just found my very own Stronghold, but it comes with a twist there is no End portal sadly. I founded it without ender eyes, just mineless digging (lol) I found this stronghold on tamas's server where recently him and his friend (Step) founded another one...

    When you think it couldn't be possible... :P

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  • DanGames

    Going on Vacation

    May 1, 2012 by DanGames

    Well, fellow Minecraftians, I am going on a vacation! At 4:30 on May 1, I will be travelling south to a tropical resort, and shall be back May 7, late at night.

    I will update from my mobile device.

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  • Sharple

    Heya Minecraft Builders,

    I have had this idea ever since i started this wiki and it is FBOTW (Featured Build Of The Week). Here you can post pictures of your minecrafts builds and might be featured on the main page, remember tho this is still coming soon when our community has grown.

    • Photoshopping images cannot be nominated.
    • Same build can't be featured twice.
    • Build can't be under construction.
    • Worldedit is allow but is strongly suggested you build with your fingers instead of typing.

    Rules may change over time

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  • Prince Edgar Wildrat of England



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  • Prince Edgar Wildrat of England
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  • DanGames

    Technic Launcher

    April 21, 2012 by DanGames

    I have successfully installed the Technic Launcher in order to play on the YogBox. However, when I attempt to run it, a loading bar will come up briefly checking the "version" of the launcher, and then a second box appears, saying "Can't find java directory." Any assistance in the matter? I'm actually unaware to what the "Java directory" is, sadly.

    -Dan Atronach

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  • Batorhos

    Request: Bot

    April 16, 2012 by Batorhos

    I need approval from Sharple to request a bot flag for (Bot)orhos. He's not flagged as a bot yet, meaning his edits are visible. He'll be used for wiki-wide automated messages. I need Sharple's approval because 2 of 3 admins have to agree. --Batorhos 03:51, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Peter Coalvane

    Crimson's server

    April 15, 2012 by Peter Coalvane

    Can i please be whitelisted on crimsons server? Ive been wanting to play but everytime i log on it says your are not on the whitelist.

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  • Sharple

    New snapshot!

    • Dispensable Boats
    • Dispensable Minecarts
    • Shift click armor in/out inventory
    • When spawning a mob with a mob egg it becomes a baby. (Note Just animals not hostile mobs)
    • Pick block option on mob on creative it gives you the mob egg

    1. Pick block on enderdragons, crashes the game
    2. Pick blocking on a piston while its active, crashes the game
    3. Pick blocking a sign, gives you a unusable sign
    4. Pick blocking grass turns it into desert scrubs
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  • DanGames

    Just Saw Jeb

    April 12, 2012 by DanGames

    I was at an "art of videogames" exhibit, and I think I saw Jeb. Not sure, but it looked like four Mojang employees. The guy looked just like him. Just thought that would be cool to share!

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  • JohnnyDaPirate

    New site Banner

    April 11, 2012 by JohnnyDaPirate

    liking the new site banner! and the new green color to! :)

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  • JohnnyDaPirate

    Site Slow?

    April 11, 2012 by JohnnyDaPirate

    Is it just me or is this site really slow? I got major lag, but only on this site, not even on other wikis.

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  • DanGames

    Formatting Pages

    April 10, 2012 by DanGames

    Hello, citizens of Minecraftia!

    I am currently trying to fix pages to all follow a certain format. Examples can be seen on pages such as Xephos (for players), The Yogcave (for locations), and Uber MineCraft (for servers). I am working on a story template as well. Your page does not have to follow that format, but I believe it would be much more managable if it did.

    Thank you!

    -Dan Atronach

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  • Grunt56

    I think...

    April 8, 2012 by Grunt56

    I think the wiki has really grown in the past few days, and I'm happy to see that.

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