Bkpike(me) was just a lonely person until he found out he had a skill, finding mine shafts. He had no friends till a lad named sedric59 joined him on his mining trip. (sedric59 didn't know anything bout minecraft) He and Sedric talked on and on. Finally Bkpike got to be friends with Sedric. Bkpike is mostly found on 3 servers: Nytecraft, Yinland, and Craftsnow. He has a fondness for iron saying it's not the best not the worst just like meh. Not much is known about his childhood but he claims to be an orphan living alone. He soon became aware of a dragon being spotted and he started his adventure along with Sedric. They went though the entire game until the fight happened. Sedric didn't know bout ender crystals and punched one. He didn't die from explosion he died from fall damage. That's when Bkpike slain the dragon and became a hero(at least in his mind)! He died of minecraft when he fought to save his people from Herobrine's attacks. But it was all fake bkpike never did die and he got back up and shoved a stick yes a STICK in herobrine to slay him. He is know currently found creating his own world with the seed of you guessed it: bkpike. Bkpike is now BANNED in nytecraft and wont be spotted their :( but he is mostly on yinland.



Leo(His Cat) 




Last seen:

Playing on Yinland (the best server ever :D)

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