Beak feather






crossbow pistol


unnamed parents(deceased), Winia(younger sister), Wings(younger brother), Sparkles(nephew)



favourite food:


Beak feather is a smuggler of ingots, armour and weapons in the skull server


Beak feather was born in Cobbleville, a small village that was poor and the men in the village were either fishermen or farmers and the women would usually look after the house and the children. Beak lived with his parents, his younger siblings Winia and Wings. Beak, Winia and Wings were very close. Beak and his family had a happy life until one day, when Beak was 11, skull moderators, led by Mylos Gorz, attacked Cobbleville and massacred everyone. Beak's father barricaded the door, but the skull moderators were able to barge through the door. Mylos then murdered Beak's parents in front of Beak, Winia and Wings. Beak, Wings and Winia were three of the few the survivors, though Winia, who was 7, was paralysed after an arrow hit Winia's spine. Beak, Wings and Winia were raised in an orphanage in Skull city, the capital city of the skull server. Traumatized by the death of his parents, Beak never forgot Mylos, and hoped one day to kill him.

Smuggler life

At age 20, Beak became a smuggler, smuggling things from iron, diamond, gold and emerald ingots to weapons such as swords and bows. Beak would smuggle ingots by storing them in custom made storage eggs called smuggling eggs, which look like regular eggs and he would smuggle armour and weapons in hidden chests. When Beak wasn't smuggling stuff, Beak was looking after Winia, who was confined to a bed in a small apartment. Beak's smuggling partner was Wings, who had a wife and a son called Sparkles.

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