aka Axe_identprone

The Story Of The MCA.

A Leader of many, and conqueror of Servers Axe_identprone should be feared by all. Many Servers of which shall not be mentioned have fallen to his might. But before I get into that, let me tell you a story about him.

Axe (Axe-identprone) started out as a hacker... that's right, a hacker! Using clients for domination, it worked for along time as he tried to dominate a HUGE server, but all it took was for him to get caught and that was it, banned... and he never turned back to his old ways. He joined faction servers and joined clans such as 'Vikings' 'Assassins' and 'Red', 3 of the biggest factions on the big servers. While at each of these factions he watched them fall, and as they fell he ran... Eventually he thought it was time he made his own army, to dominate all of Minecraftia, the MineCraft Army...

The MineCraft Army (Or MCA) Grew quickly, first it was just a little hut but in a matter of days it was a town with a stone walls! A bridge grew to a town sized farm which had a bridge to a massive watchtower, quickly the MCA became the biggest faction on the server. But the faction seemed to have no problems, fending if attack after attack with ease, then it came.. the former biggest faction on the server... They had never lost a battle, but neither had the MCA, and both factions wanted to keep that title.

There was only one problem, the MCA had its army, its workers (miners, farmers etc.) and then its villagers. Where the other faction were ALL the army... The MCA were not going to win, Its villagers died first,. they should no change, and the miners didn't kill enough to make a difference before they were eliminated, and even with the army killing at least 2 for every death, they were so heavily outnumbered that it hardly made a dint on the other faction.

Eventually the MCA went into hiding, all apart from axe_identprone and his 2nd in command who had blown up the bridge and flooded the rest of the remaining bridge with lava, he hid in the only remaining part of the MCA, the top part of the watchtower, still floating... Over days they rebuilt a bottom onto the tower and dug down, and down, and down, and down... and built a tomb.

Axes tomb is still there to this day, he killed himself in that tomb, after making a secret escape route for his still surviving second in command, he killed himself in that tomb... Well that's what people think, in fact I can still I tell you he lives on... on many different servers... So if you see him tell him you want to join the MCA, because that's what hes rebuilding, on many, many different servers... For the best of Minecraftia!