Axe48 is a deceased famed moderator, known to everyone as to never break the rules. The death of his friend Light Hordes motivated Axe to always strive to take down griefers and griefer organizations. Axe48's weapon was an iron axe.


In time, Axe48 started investigating the griefer organization known as LAVA. Eventually, after 5 years of investigating, Axe48 discovered the identities of the elders and planned to expose them. However, head LAVA elder NyanCat, aware of what Axe48 planned to do, contracted mercenary Mace Sword to kill him. Mace first killed his guards with his diamond bow, then infiltrated his house. Axe attempted to fight back, but thanks to his enchantments, Mace quickly gained the upper hand and killed him with his emerald sword.

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